Yenda Producers celebrates 90 years in business in 2015

Celebrating its 90th birthday in June 2015, Yenda Producers has gone from strength to strength over the years thanks to the support of its members, farmers, local businesses, suppliers and employees.

The anniversary was based on the amalgamation of the “Yenda Settlers Ltd” and “Yenda Producers Ltd” to form the Yenda Prods. Celebrations were held at the three branches to mark the occasion during 2015. The Yenda Prods would not be able to celebrate such a milestone – and future milestones – without the continued support of the more than 1,500 members, farmers, other local businesses, suppliers, and all the employees.

To learn more about Yenda Producers or to talk to any of the staff members, click here or call (02) 6961 3300.

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