YPC CottonYenda Producers’ team of expert agronomists work with members to share their expertise, advice and guidance. They are available by phone or in-person at any of our three branches and can travel to your property and farm for on-site analysis and discussion. This important service is popular and in demand, demonstrating that our members and farmers work in a community where knowledge and experience are readily shared. Our agronomists are available to develop custom plans for our customers and their crops to address a variety of needs.

Our broadacre agronomy services cover:

Cropping for irrigation and dryland farming with crop types including
YPC Rice~ Summer (irrigation) – cotton, rice, corn, and soybeans, and
~ Winter (irrigation and dryland) – wheat, canola, barley, faba beans, and oats.
– Providing agronomic service from start to finish with established local knowledge.
– Advising growers using the latest technology.
– Planning services to create cropping programs, establish costs, goals and outcomes.
– Plant nutrition management, soil and tissue testing, farm mapping, and budgeting.
– Trained agronomists for Precision Agriculture Services.
– Supplying satellite imagery and interpretation.
– Variable Rate Prescriptions for all types of inputs including fertilisers, soil amendments, herbicides, and growth regulators.