Account/Membership Application

People who join the Yenda Producers Co–operative become members of the Co-op and as such, own the Co–op. The structure allows members to collectively achieve a goal through the use of a combined buying power which passes on the better prices to the member, and investment into capital items such as fertiliser spreaders and trucks for the benefit of the members.

To join the more than 1,500 members of Yenda Producers, simply fill out this membership application form and submit it in person at any of the Yenda Producers branches in Yenda, Leeton and Griffith.

To learn more about Co-operatives visit the ‘About Us’ tab and to read the most Frequently Asked Questions about Yenda Producers Co-operative, click on the ‘Resources’ tab or call (02) 6961 3300 to talk to one of our staff members.