Contract Services

The Co-op has been involved in contract services for more than 30 years. These services support the sales of agricultural inputs by providing a one-stop shop for arranging product delivery and application.

Core services include:

Cartage: The co-op has 8 prime movers, which can attach themselves to IMG_1159a variety of trailer combinations like b-double or single flat tops, b-double or single aluminium tippers, and curtain side single trailer. We can cart grain, fertilisers, chemicals, grapes, nuts, prunes and general materials. Local work is the primary focus. To assist in supplying fertilisers to clients we have four late-model grouper bins with good cubic capacity.
These machines are often used on the back of Co-op trucks delivering Urea to airstrips for top dressing by plane in crop and at planting delivering to on farm storage saving clients registering trucks and time. The Co-op also has a 45’ dropdeck with ramps based out of our Yenda branch to cater for some specific cartage requirements.

Spreading: The Co-op has 3 permanently mounted truck spreaders with the capability of carrying at least 10 cubic meters of product. These units broadcast a range of products from manufactured fertilisers, gypsum, lime, seed, various manures and composts. To complement the trucks and provide a spreading service to shareholders with more specific requirements the Co-op has purchased 3 tractors and tow spreaders. Two machines are focused on permanent plantings with the 3rd machine best suited to large area and volume of organic type products. The tractor services are based on wet hire.