Being a Co-op Member

Yenda Producers Co-operative is proud to have more than 1,500 members. The majority of members are directly involved with farming while a great number of members are residents from the local and outlying areas as well as people who represent corporate businesses, professional, and trades.

The key benefits of being a member of YPC include:

Financial Benefits: YPC has historically paid its members a rebate and dividend. The level of benefit is directly related to the performance of the Co-op in any financial year. Over the past two years, YPC has paid its members a rebate of 2% and a dividend of 5%, culminating in a return to its members in excess of $2.5M for the two years. Recently, there has been only one year in which a rebate was not paid. This was in 2003 and was directly attributed to the drought.

Buying Powers and Discounts: YPC has direct accounts with all major suppliers for fertilizer and chemicals. IMG_0139This allows members to source almost all products at a competitive price equal, if not better than national sized competitors.

Services: Through YPC’s investments in trucks, spreaders, and loaders, the members are able to source services that would not normally be feasible as an individual investment. This allows the members to increase efficiency in their farming practice while also increasing the emphasis on being a member.

Support of Local Charity, Education and Supporting Associations: As a member-based business, YPC recognises that the majority of its owners live locally. Thus, the Co-op supports numerous community groups through donation of services (e.g. spreading of fertiliser for local sporting grounds), financial support through sponsorship, and providing donations for fundraising activities.

To become a member, please download and fill out this application form and then submit it in person at one of the Yenda Producers branches in Yenda, Leeton, or Griffith.